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Unleash Your Travel Vendor Potential at YEG Travel Show! Meet a Captivated Audience of Adventure-Seekers, Industry Experts, and Professionals all in One Day, Under One Roof!

Join us at the YEG Travel Show, the perfect place to boost your brand’s exposure and connect with the travel industry’s top players! Showcase your offerings to a friendly audience of enthusiastic travellers, experienced experts, and industry professionals in one day. Inspire the next great adventure and make lasting connections at the YEG Travel Show. Take advantage of your chance to gain valuable exposure and build relationships with top travel industry players. Register now and join us for an unforgettable day filled with opportunities to network, collaborate and get inspired!

Attendees at the show come from all over Alberta ready to get inspired by you. Tickets to this show are free for all to come enjoy the day at the Airport City.

The YEG Travel Show is a not for profit event that's sole focus is on brining together the best travel suppliers from all over the world and the most avid travelers from Alberta to share the mutual love for travel. All profits and prize raffles go directly to our local charities. See our Charity Impact Here

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Be a part of the YEG Travel Show and show the world what your travel brand has to offer!

Welcome to the YEG Travel Show, the industry’s most reliable and quantifiable travel marketing platform! We’re here to help you influence customer bookings and travel decisions in a friendly and helpful way. With access to real-time insights and data, our platform enables you to make the most informed decisions and accurately target your audience. YEG Travel Show has everything you need to succeed, from improved customer conversion rates to increased ROI. So join us and start making the most of your travel marketing today!
Here’s an exciting opportunity for all our vendors. Participate in our giveaway and get your brand noticed and cherished by attendees! It’s a great way to increase awareness for your business and make those connections that matter. Take advantage of this opportunity and join us for an amazing event!

Unlock the full potential of your business with YEG Travel Show Expo!

Showcase your brand through cutting-edge marketing campaigns to connect with high-quality travel enthusiasts. Join us and experience an unforgettable journey with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Benefit from the educational seminars, workshops and networking opportunities to help you put your business on the map! Take the chance to get your brand in front of the people who matter and make a lasting impression.

Here are some more reasons why you should become a vendor at YEG Travel Show:

1. Targeted Audience

The event attracts many individuals interested in travel and adventure, making it the perfect platform to reach potential customers and clients. The most feedback we get from past vendors is that our attendees are well qualified. These are the who’s who of elite Alberta travellers.

2. Networking Opportunities

The YEG Travel Show provides a great opportunity for vendors to network with other industry professionals and make valuable connections. You’re even invited to our Supplier Appreciation dinner after the show to connect more with your colleagues.

3. Brand Exposure

Being a vendor at the expo provides a platform for businesses and organizations to showcase their brand and services to a large audience. Our not-for-profit event is committed to providing the best quality show to both the vendors and attendees.

4. Lead Generation

The event can be a great source of leads for businesses and organizations looking to expand their customer base. Got something to sell? Send them to our booking station so they can score the best deal with your show only special.

5. Cost-Effective

Participating as a vendor at the expo can be a cost-effective way for businesses and organizations to reach a large audience and generate leads. ROI is very important and we know we provide the best possible opportunity to sell your brand.

6. Feedback

The event provides a great opportunity for vendors to gather feedback from potential customers and clients, which can be used to improve their products and services.

7. Stay Updated

It also lets vendors stay updated with the latest trends, technologies and offerings in the travel and adventure industry. You’re also going want to take some time to cruise around the show floor looking for your own inspiration.

8. Increased Credibility

Vendors can increase their credibility by participating in a prestigious event that brings together top travel experts, destination specialists, and adventure enthusiasts. This is the top travel showcase in Alberta. Only the best travel brands are at this show.

YEG Travel Show
Vendor Packages

Registering to participate in Alberta's premier travel shows offers unparalleled opportunities to showcase your brand and products directly to consumers and travel influencers.

In summary, registering to join Alberta's best travel shows provides a unique opportunity to connect with qualified attendees, showcase your travel brands and products, and network with influential figures in the travel industry. Don't miss your chance to make a significant impact and elevate your brand presence in the dynamic world of travel.

Bronze Vendor Booth Sponsorship

$1200 +GST

Your package features a spacious 10x10 booth to prominently display your brand, complete with tables, drapes, chairs, and optional power supply (*upon request). Additionally, indulge in the Vendor Greenroom, offering light snacks and refreshments throughout the duration of the show.

As a vendor, you have the chance to provide an exclusive show incentive, bookable via our Travel Gurus booking stations, further enticing attendees.

Moreover, you have the option to contribute a giveaway directly to our charity raffle prize pool, granting your brand high exposure and acknowledgment. Your support makes a meaningful impact and earns notable mentions.

Gold Vendor Booth Sponsorship

$1800 +GST

Reserved for a maximum of 3 vendors, this exclusive opportunity offers the Bronze package perks PLUS the sponsorship of one of our workshops. With this added feature, you can directly engage attendees through a presentation at a workshop of your choice.

Your package comprises a Workshop presentation slot, a Vendor Booth equipped with tables and chairs, draped surroundings, optional power supply (upon request), and access to our on-location booking station.

Platinum Vendor Booth Sponsorship

$2500 +GST

Introducing the Platinum Package, limited to just 2 vendors for maximum exclusivity.

This comprehensive package builds upon the Bronze Package, offering workshop presentation privileges, main partner show sponsorship, and a one-page advertisement in our VIP attendee passports.

Your package encompasses a Workshop presentation slot, prominent placement of main sponsor banners and ads, a Vendor Booth equipped with tables and chairs, draped surroundings, optional power supply (upon request), and access to our on-location booking station.

Satellite Vendor Booth

$1300 +GST

Unable to attend the show in person but still want your brand to shine? Leave it to us! Simply send us your show kits, and we'll allocate a dedicated team member to uphold your presence and champion your brand at the Edmonton Travel Show.

Your package includes a Vendor Booth equipped with tables and chairs, draped surroundings, power access, and the convenience of our on-location booking station.

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