YEG Travel Deals with Russel Hannon

October 14, 2023
11:00 am
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Known for WOW'ing audiences with untold budget travel tips, Ultra-Economical Travel Expert Russell Hannon offers 99 ways to quickly and easily find the best and least expensive options for you. No matter what your travel type is, or where you want to go, you will leave with dozens of practical tips and tricks you can put to work right away to save money on your next great escape.

Russek Hannon

Ultra Economical Travel Expert Russell Hannon uses lean principles to travel at a fraction of the going rate. He was a CBC Budget Travel Columnist, and has been in numerous media including Woman's World, USA Today, the New York Times, CNBC, FOX, CTV, Around the World Travel TV. He is an acclaimed speaker and author of AZN #1 Best Seller 'Stop Dreaming... Start Traveling: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling More & Spending Less'.

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